2018 ongoing

Series of 35

In this series Reza Nadji creates geometric, abstract landscapes as he uses the horizon as a line which he frames in different ways so that they intersect to form triangles or other basic shapes in various proportions. Referencing themes of balance and relation, the two exposures overlap to form a graphic simplicity that is clean and calming, emphasizing order by revealing patterns.

Although this cleanness may give a contemporary feel, the images are not superimposed through digital manipulation but buy using the classical photographic method of double exposure with precisely arranged layers.

Using fundamental components of our world - water and sky - Nadji breaks this down to basic form creating lines and planes and he dematerializes nature and common reality into form and pattern.

Based on the fundamental philosophical theory that we live in a world of chaos and order or nature and culture the work and the created triangles can also be seen as a reference to underlying ideas of many faiths and their similar symbolic meanings in mythology and religion. Triangles in various positions and shapes are one of the oldest and widely used symbols of mankind.