Ultimatum - Death Valley


Series of 180

Ultimatum explores the connections between visual perception of symmetry created from nature motifs and the generated emotions and irritations. The natural urge to put structure and order into the chaotic and the unknown is the basis concept of this series, especially in regard to the ebb and flow of the human state and the constant progress throughout life. Using the visual world and nature as a symbolic basis which is transformed into the abstract though structured by using simple analog photographic techniques.


Nadji combines 3 analogies that correlate in the struggle of being referring to the philosophical idea of existentialism as

well as the urge of transformation throughout life. The first reference is to the state between the heavens and the earth, relating to genesis, from a psychological (as opposed to religious) standpoint.


The second idea stems from human natures continuous process of creating balance between chaos and order, and nature and culture. The third, which references theories in sociology, mathematics and physics, hints towards the concept of relativity, where the prerequisite for anything to be is inevitably the existence of its opposite. And that therefor on some metaphysical stage a state of perfect balance must accordingly exist on an all-embracing level at any given moment.