Every Billboard


Series of 24


The pictures in this series are taken on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Like no other, this place symbolizes the tremendous power of images on our imagination and consequently on our emotional world.

These are no collages in the true sense of the word, as they initially suggest, but skillfully composed elements of the billboards and the surrounding buildings. The choice of perspective and point of view alone leads to the irritations that

the images convey. Often this creates optical illusions which generally refer to the theme of deception, especially in connection with the visual mediation of certain cleverly guided ideas and illusory worlds.


The white sky of cloudy days thus serves as a canvas on which the various real buildings combined with the documentation of already existing images lead to another third level of reality in order to draw attention to the question of being and appearance. At the same time, we experience a budding reduction of the perceived back to the geometric basic shapes of the flat dimensions.