Series of 32


This work takes up the work of another artist, Yunhee Min and her Lindbrook Terrace Installation and alienates it through the technic of double exposure to the extent that a new work is created.


The alienation or combination of multiple images, artworks or locations is a major component of Nadji's concept. The question of the originator is taken up here and the question of how far the perceived world is divided into parts that we attribute to a

person as a creative agency and the parts that were created by nature. In the broadest sense, it must be the same power that creates the world, even if it is implemented by the hand of another person. 


The body and the mind, the soul and the creative idea which is implemented by man and bears creation of the new must have the same author as the tree, the sky and the sea. Where does a creation originate from and how does something influence a further development. Culture is a continuous chain of input and newly generated output so that we can experience a constant change and development of the world eventually back to its origin.