2014 ongoing

Series of 100+ in progress (latent images)


Doubles is a long-term double-exposure project which plays with the components of time and space by expressing these concepts through the nature of the works execution and thereby drawing attention to the relation of everything to each other. Subtle moments and situation are compared by connecting them trough their photographic representation.


There are several years between the recordings and thousands of miles lie between them. Another important factor in this

work is the role of chance or coincidence. The author gives up control over the final result and lets faith decide which two images find their way to overlap and be superimposed. It alludes to the question of whether we create the world or if other forces create through us.

The circle of construction and destruction is referenced in conclusion. By destroying a first latent image before it can be developed and seen the second exposure destroys but simultaneously creates a third overall new achievement. 


The work is to be understood as a lifelong project and includes the storage of exposed film rolls since 2014.