The Getty Center

2018 ongoing

Series of 38


The imposing architecture of the Getty Center in Los Angeles, completed in 1997 by Richard Meier, serves as the basis for this photographic work. By carefully observing the given motif and skillfully positioning the camera in harmony with the frame, light and shadow, Nadji creates fine compositions of surfaces and lines that often appear as optical illusions and are difficult to grasp. In this work, too, the observer is taken to the boundary of the concrete close to the transition into the abstraction of the world.

What we get is a return of the created real architecture back into the world of mathematical geometry which once was its starting point and foundation. In a very simple approach, just through point of view and framing, so just by the sheer way of looking at it we are reminded once again, that everything we define as reality is only a question of perspective.


We continuously unify the world from many small pieces and fragment them into their individual parts, which have their own countless existential levels. What seems to be consistent today is the idea that all has to stand in a certain relation to each other in order to exist on any level.